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Cone Penetration Test

A Self Anchoring Penetrometer (Self Propelled) 200 kN Capacity – TG73-200, manufactured by Pagani (Italy) is used. An electric Piezocone with a projected area of 10 sq. centimeter, apex angle of 60 degree and friction sleeve of 150 sq. centimeter complying to all requirements of ISSMFE – International Reference Test Procedure. The Piezocone is equipped with pore water pressure measuring facility. The adopted test method complies with ASTM D 3441-98, and ISSMEF – International Reference Test Procedure, with pore water pressure measurement.

Standard Penetration Test (SPT)

Standard Penetration Tests (S.P.T.) was performed at various depths in the boreholes to assess the relative densities of the ground materials. The tests were performed in accordance with BS1377:1990 Part 9 AMD8264-95, “Determination of Penetration Resistance Using SplitBarrel Sampler (SPT)”.