Geotechnical Studies

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Geotechnical Studies Onshore & Offshore

Site Investigation for the various Civil Engineering Structures (Roads, Dams, Tunnels & Buildings.

Analysis and synthesis of the results of the field investigations and in situ and lab tests in order to draw up the proper recommendations for a safe and economic structure such as :

Drilling Equipment and Machinery

All the rigs are equipped with complete hydraulic drive and are adapted for utilizing either the air-flush or the wet rotary drilling methods. They are capable of performing any type of drilling.

Geophysical Surveying

Delma laboratory use Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) technique, which is one of the best non-destructive site characterization technique used for evaluating stiffness of the ground for geotechnical engineering purpose. MASW is a seismic wave propagation method which generates a shear wave velocity (Vs) profile (i.e. Vs versus depth) by analyzing Rayleigh type surface wave on a multichannel record. Surface waves responds most effectively to various types of near surface anomalies that are common targets of this geophysical investigation.

The scope of the geophysical services offered using MASW method is:

Geophysical Equipment and Data Processing Software




Data Processing Software SurfSeis

Land and Marine Surveying

Delma Laboratory provides its clients with land and marine survey solutions that enable them to make strategic decisions for their projects. With complete in-house facilities and state of the art equipment, specialized software and highly qualified survey engineers and surveyors. The scope of services offered is: